Letter to the Editor – The Senator Voted to Table Discussion on the Amnesty Bill – Week of June 17

On June 11th, the Senate voted to table discussion on S. 744, Sen. Schumer’s amnesty bill, and proceed to a full Senate vote.  What’s shocking about that vote is that most Senators have not read the bill yet.  Why are we tabling discussion on a bill that most Senators have not yet read?

Like Obamacare, the Senate amnesty bill is weighty and complex.  When Obamacare was being debated in Congress, then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said we had to pass the bill “to find out what’s in it.”  Now, it seems, Congress is going to do that again.  But considering the stakes of S.744 and the implications for our national security and fiscal health, wouldn’t it be nice if the Senators actually read this bill?

When the Senate bill sponsors known as the “Gang of Eight” have been asked about the content of the bill, they have made several incorrect statements.  When asked if the bill strengthens border security, the Gang of Eight has assured us that the bill is a “border security first” bill.  But, in reality, the bill is an “amnesty first” bill.  There are zero firm border security requirements in the bill.  Sen. Rubio, whose name is often mentioned as a Presidential candidate for 2016, seems to be the most confused about the bill’s content. Either Sen. Rubio and his colleagues have not read the bill, or they are wilfully misleading American voters about this bill.

As taxpayers, we pay the salaries for each of the Gang of Eight Senators.  We expect them to read this bill and to understand the full implications of it before voting on it.

Join your fellow (insert name for local residents, like “Floridians”) this Thursday, June 20th at (insert time)  at (insert location) – for a Citizen Intervention for Common Sense.

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