Letter to the Editor – IRS Abuse of Power


Congress needs to slow down and investigate IRS

On May 10th, America learned that the IRS – perhaps the most frightening of all government agencies – has been singling out and targeting conservative groups, including Tea Party groups.  The IRS has waged a three-year war against the Tea Party, harassing our groups and even auditing our individual members.  This abuse of power is unacceptable and un-Constitutional, and it must stop.

The Tea Party movement began organically in 2010 in response to government excess.  Since then, it has attracted millions of Americans. The Tea Party consists of individuals who are committed to defending the Constitution and teaching future generations about the importance of limited government and fiscal responsibility.

The Tea Party has been extremely effective at exposing government corruption and government waste.  We’ve had our fair share of successes holding elected officials accountable and influencing legislation.  So, in a certain sense, it’s no wonder that Washington’s ruling elite would be on guard against the Tea Party movement.  Any movement that challenges Washington’s grip on power and the status quo is going to garner a great deal of attention.

The revelation that the IRS has been singling out and harassing conservative organizations comes at a time when Congress is handing off even more power to unelected and unaccountable officials in the Executive Branch.  S.744, the Senate amnesty bill, gives decision-making authority for almost all areas of our immigration policies to the Secretary of Homeland Security.  The Secretary, of course, is nominated for that position and never has to face the voters or be in any way accountable to the American public.

But if this scandal at the IRS has taught us anything, it’s that we need to rein in the federal government and make it more accountable to us. The IRS’s abuse of power highlights why the Senate needs to slow down with its amnesty bill.  We simply cannot trust bureaucrats to make the right decisions.  Immigration policy is too complex and too important for us to delegate to a group of bureaucrats who may be pursuing an agenda that doesn’t match Americans’ best interest.

Join your fellow (insert name for local residents, like “Floridians”) this Thursday, May 23rd at 5:30 pm at (insert location) – for a street rally to rein in the IRS and stop the abuse of power.