A Constitutional Amendment To Leave
More Money In Your Pocket

“Will you commit to working to pass and ratify a Constitutional amendment that would mandate that all U.S. citizens would be allowed to keep at least 75 percent of their income annually?”


It’s not just that our tax code is so complex, it’s that the top marginal tax rates are so high. Under President Obama, the highest marginal tax rate is higher than it was even under President Clinton – and when you add in state and local taxes, that can result in top marginal rates over 60 percent for some taxpayers.

That stifles savings and investment, and raises barriers to job creation.

A strong majority of Americans believe government should collect the taxes necessary to fund the proper activities of government, but also believe everyone should be allowed to keep at least 75 percent of what they earn.

A Constitutional amendment could set a principle that every American should be allowed to hold on to at least 75 percent of his or her income.

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