IRS Proposed Regulations: An Assault on Free Speech




The Internal Revenue Service has proposed new regulations to govern 501c4 organizations like Tea Party Patriots. Last year we learned that the IRS was targeting groups like ours because we want to rein in the over-spending/over-regulating government, uphold the constitution, and promote free markets.

Ultimately thousands of Americans were silenced and harassed for their beliefs. With these new regulations, the silencing will be part of the regulatory code of the IRS. Right now the IRS is accepting comments on the proposed regulations and we need to take action!

We need to flood the IRS with comments, we need to contact our elected officials, and we need to pressure the Congressional committees that oversee the IRS. The deadline for comments at the IRS is February 27th, so we must have a continuous effort between now and then to stop this assault on the first amendment.