1. Senator/Congressman: Are you familiar with the work of the Remembrance Project?

a. If NO: The Remembrance Project works with the families of the victims of illegal immigrants, many of whom were murdered by people who never should have been in this country.  What is your solution to address the violence committed by illegal immigrants?

b. If YES: Have you met with any of these families to hear their stories?

2. Senator: Did you read the entire Senate immigration overhaul bill, including the hundreds of pages of the Corker Amendment that were added at the last moment?

a. If YES: And what are your thoughts about the fact that the bill calls for very lenient penalties for passport fraud and other serious felonies?

b. If NO: How can we trust your judgment on this piece of legislation that you did not fully read?  Do you think our Founding Fathers would approve of passing thousand-page bills without reading them?  (NOTE: This question is more relevant for Senators who voted YES on the Schumer-Rubio amnesty bill.)

3. Senator/Congressman: What are your specific proposals to secure the border?  Do you think the Senate immigration bill adequately addresses the border?

4. Senator/Congressman: Americans overwhelmingly want to make sure that we do not get into a situation where we must pass sweeping amnesty legislation every twenty-five years.  What specific measures are you taking to ensure that we never have to consider another amnesty for millions and millions of people who came here illegally?

5. Senator/Congressman: According to July’s Labor Department official statistics, the national labor force participation rate is under 64%.  How will introducing millions of additional workers to the economy impact our wages and ability to find jobs?  What is your response to the Americans who are struggling to find well-paying jobs?

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