Health Care

Summary of Problem

There are two competing visions for health care in America. One centralizes control in Washington DC, while the other empowers families and individuals – i.e. the patients. When people are in control of their own health care decisions, they are able to choose the best care options in a market where competition can breed excellence and lower costs. Unfortunately, decades of centralized control has devastated patient-centered, low-cost health care, the destruction of which has been hastened with the passage of “Obamacare.” This lack of personal control leads to ever-increasing requirements to seek permission from either government or insurance bureaucrats about what kind of doctor you can see, how often you can see the doctor, what kind of procedures you are allowed to access, what kind of insurance policy you can purchase, what that policy will cost and what it will cover; virtually all health care decisions will be made by unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats.

Key Points

  • The American health care system was already broken before “Obamacare” came on the scene because individuals and families had minimal control over their health care decisions.
  • “Obamacare” makes the existing problems much worse because the “cure” it offers – more government control – is the cause of the disease.
  • The key features of “Obamacare” are the individual mandate, a budget-busting expansion of Medicaid, a huge expansion of the federal government, misuse of the Constitution’s Commerce Clause, the largest tax increase in American history that will affect all Americans, and job-killing costs and regulations.
  • Americans were promised they could keep their current health plan if they wanted to, and yet thousands of people have already been forced to change.
  • Decisions about health care, your child’s health care, and your elderly parent’s health care will now be in the hands of something called the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB). It’s a board of fifteen bureaucrats, appointed by the President and unaccountable to you, who will have ultimate authority about all of our health care choices.

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