Please download the following documents to help you in your Issue Identification and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts.


Adopt a Poll Guide – Learn how to become a poll watcher.

Adopt a Poll Spreadsheet – Adopt a Poll roster template.

Adopt an Intersection Guide – Plan a sign waving event at busy intersections in your area.

Guidelines for Canvassing – Learn how to implement your own door-to-door operation.

Neighborhood Walk Checklist – Use this checklist when canvassing.

Host a Candidate Forum Guide – Learn how to host a candidate forum.

Letter to the Editor Guide – Learn how to write a “Letter to the Editor.”

Organize a Rally Guide – Learn how to organize a rally.

Phone Banking Checklist – Learn how to phone bank.


2012 Voter Registration Deadlines

GOTV – 2012 Master Spreadsheet

Regional Support Team Map – Find out who your Regional Support Team Member is.

Sample Sign Up Form for Bumper Sticker Days

TPP GOTV Overview Webinar

Volunteer Opportunity Descriptions 70-day to 72-hour