Diana Reimer

Diana Reimer

Tea Party Patriots
National Coordinator
Philadelphia Tea Party Patriots

I am a member of the National Coordinator Team of Tea Party Patriots and the Tea Party Patriots’ Pennsylvania State Coordinator, co-founder of the Philadelphia Tea Party Patriots, a citizen lobbyist and full time activist.

After the 2008 presidential election, like most conservatives I was truly unhappy. I did not agree with this present administration’s unveiled far left liberal agenda that was campaigned as “change” and “hope” and the “…transformation…” of America. That being said, I knew that I needed to get involved somehow.  In late February of 2009 and following my seeing the news of the Tea Parties held in February, I immediately went onto the Tax Day Tea Party website and signed up as the organizer for the Philadelphia Tax Day Tea Party. Not having a clue about tea party organizing, I was told to start a Facebook account and advertise.  For several weeks following, day in, day out, I promoted the Philadelphia Tax Day Tea Party. This was the beginning of my involvement in this wonderful grassroots American movement and my future life of activism. I have been in training all of my life for this point in time.

My specific reasons for continued involvement are fourfold: to fight for our country’s return to a constitutional republic; to hold our government to core values of constitutional limited government, fiscal responsibility and free market economy; to provide a better place for our children and grandchildren; to help others to know and comprehend the true meanings of America.  I believe in the importance of our Constitution, our Liberty and our Freedom.

My biggest challenge is finding positive ways to fund my continued active participation in this grassroots movement.  Another challenge of mine is the continued need to stay informed and focused on issues of the day as the various bills are rushed through the legislative process.  My personality is challenge driven.

Working as an activist full time has been beneficial to others and me.  We have formed a fund raising committee that will start in January 2010.  I have been out of work since September, my choice.  My husband was forced to retire in April.  There is no turning back for us.

I am a graduate of Palmer Business School Philadelphia, PA. My work experience has been as an Administrative Assistant advancing to an Executive Secretary and then Assistant Office Manager.  Married 37 years, my husband Don and I are parents of two adult children.  Natalie 31, who is a Hair Stylist in Horsham, PA and Nathanael, 30, who is a full-time Server at Chifa’s Restaurant in center city Philadelphia, PA. As with Don, I have always been an active supporter of our children’s school activities: Natalie, a swimmer & diver and Nathanael an actor/singer.  After the children graduated school, I wondered what I would do – no more swim meets, diving meets, plays, singing lessons, etc. Self taught, I am a researcher of family genealogy; as part-time entrepreneurs, Don maintains our website www.foreveritalian.com and I promote Italian tours in the US and conduct family research.  I have escorted groups of Italian Americans to the Abruzzo Region of Italy.  When I want to raise the bar and increase my horizons, I just go for it, i.e. teaching myself basic photography, learning to interpret Italian records and communicate in Italian. In the spring of 2009, I had just started to market “Eyes on Italy” photographs online and at art shows when my purpose in life stepped up to another level: grassroots activism.