Weekly Toolkit – Week of June 17th

The Senate and the House are both in session this week and the Senate is moving rapidly on S.744, the amnesty bill.  The Senators voted last week to end discussion on the amnesty bill and proceed to a floor vote.  Now is our chance to make sure our elected officials understand how bad S. 744, the amnesty bill really is!  We have a very small window of time to defeat this bill!

Here are some recommended activities and resources for this week.


Below are the resources for Monday.  If you are planning to do a street rally on Thursday, please remember to call your local radio show hosts today to tell them about the event you are planning.
Talking points (extended version)
Condensed talking points (brief bullet points)
Positive messaging on real immigration reform
Sample letter to the editor


Tuesday is “Tweet it Tuesday” and the focus is on spreading on our message on social media and in the blogs.  We have included here:

Sample social media messages


We are asking everyone to write letters to both of their U.S. Senators this week.  In addition to writing to your own Senators, we are also asking everyone to write a letter to Sen. Mark Pryor.  We will hand-deliver the letters to Sen. Pryor’s Arkansas office next week, and it is important for him to hear from people across the country.  We have included sample letters here to make your work easier.
Sample letter to Senator (Generic letter)

Sample letter to Senator Pryor

Sample letter to Senator Hatch


Today we are asking everyone to participate in a street rally at a busy intersection.  Remember, these street rallies have a huge impact, even if only a few people show up.
Sample sign messages
Instructions for how to host a street rally


Weekly recap