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President Obama said in his acceptance speech for the Democratic Nomination for President that you have “a choice between fundamentally different vision for the future.”

The next few days leading up to the election may very well determine which path our Country takes: toward big government or toward individual liberty.  And the consequences could not be higher.

That is why we need YOUR help.  It is Patriots across the Country like you that we are counting on to ensure that our Tea Party Values are represented.

Please sign up today for our “Call from Home” program.  When you sign up, you’ll be walked through the process to make the calls.  It is easy and could make the difference on the direction our Country takes.

Please sign up today!  And after you complete your 25 calls come back every day to sign up and get a new list of 25 calls to make.

And after you have made your calls, we urge you to participate in our 30 Day Plan leading up to the election.  Each day the list below will be updated with specific actions you can take to make sure our Tea Party Values are represented:

30 Days to Victory