Congressional Office Visits: Speaker of the House on October 15th

Visit Your Local GOP Congressional Office 10/15/15 @ Noon

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Show up on October 15th   and make your voices heard!

Choosing the Next Speaker of the House

On Thursday, October 15, 2015, at noon local time, we are asking all patriots to go to the local district offices of their GOP Congressmen to deliver a letter and what we want to see in the next Speaker of the House. Congress is out of session and back home this week, so the timing is crucial.

For far too long, Speaker John Boehner’s House of Representatives has been ruled like an oligarchy rather than the great legislative body that it was meant to be. It’s time to return the House of Representatives to its true status of the People’s House and the only way to do that is with the right leadership.
It’s time for us to demand for real change from business as usual in Washington.

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Who Should Be the Next Speaker?

The establishment in Washington, the political talking heads, and even John Boehner are doing all they can to coronate Congressman Paul Ryan as the next Speaker. This should be the first sign of hesitation for any conservative. After Boehner was rejected by his conference, he tried to hand-pick Kevin McCarthy who was rejected in similar fashion. Congressman Ryan’s record is very aligned to the current leadership which suggests that he wouldn’t be much different than just a continuation of the Boehner House structure.
The only candidate or potential candidate for Speaker who has laid out a principled plan and has actually implemented that plan before is Congressman Daniel Webster from Florida. The House Freedom Caucus and other conservatives in the House have endorsed his candidacy for the principles he has laid forth and we are giving the conservatives in the House the support they need to see that these principles are actually implemented.

no-exemption-toolkit-plainAll the tools you need to help make October 15th   a success. Every tweet, call and letter counts, so we’ve made a toolkit to help you discuss this issue with the people in your community and the lawmakers you elected.

The House of Representatives Must Choose Wisely

John Boehner’s House of Representatives ran as a top-down oligarchy.
It’s time to return the House of Representatives to the true representative body that it was meant to be.
The House Freedom Caucus and other conservatives are looking for a set of principles, not a personality.
Congressman Daniel Webster is the only candidate or potential candidate who has laid out these types of principles – and he actually implemented them as Speaker of the House in Florida.

[lead]Article I, Section 2 of the US Constitution: “The House of Representatives shall choose their Speaker and other Officers.” To that we say, “Choose wisely.”[/lead]