Join Operation: Light the Fire, our mission to spark some change and keep politicians accountable. Right now, our Representatives, Senators, and Candidates are at home in their districts for one week but, using this page, you can find out where your Congressional representative will be. We need you to get them on record, ON VIDEO to answer the two following questions:

1. Will you commit to repealing ObamaCareTax in full?
2. Will you commit to balancing the budget in five years or less without raising taxes and stick to those spending levels until the budget is balanced?

Even if their answers aren’t the answers you want to hear, it is important we get them on record so that we can use it to help hold them accountable in the future.

Once you have a recording of their answer, upload the video to YouTube. Finally, submit your video here. Once all of the videos have been submitted we will use them to create a scorecard so that they can easily be held accountable in the future. Thanks for all of your help in this. The Tea Party movement would be nothing without tireless, vigilant patriots like you!

If you have a video, upload it to YouTube and send it to us here: Send Us Video From An Event