Bill of Rights Week: Second Amendment

Like clockwork, immediately following a mass shooting – in this case an actual terrorist attack that claimed the lives of 49 Americans in Orlando – the gun control advocates start ringing the bells to place limits on the second amendment. They will use any crisis they can to further their agenda and if we want to ensure that our right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, we must push back.

Last Thursday, Senator Joe Manchin (WV) even went so far as to say that due process is killing us, suggesting that the government should be able to take away someone’s right to own a firearm if there is suspicion that the person might be linked to terrorism or generally unfit to own a firearm. One wonders how Senator Manchin would feel if he were thrown in prison without trial for simply suggesting that we should throw due process out the window. Surely he’d walk back those words.

And while the gun control advocates will do everything they can to make their solutions sound reasonable, we have to be careful. It’s easy for someone to agree that a suspected terrorist or someone who has been placed on the “no-fly list” should be barred from purchasing a firearm. But who in our government gets to decide who is a terrorist or if someone should be on the no-fly list? At one point, Vice President Joe Biden likened the Tea Party to terrorists and there are known cases of innocent people finding themselves on the no-fly list – even Members of Congress. As an organization who was targeted by the government, we know first-hand how it feels to have our rights diminished from simply being on a secret government list.

Today, the Senate will vote on four gun control amendments to H.R. 2578, the vehicle for the Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations bill. Beginning at 5:30 PM, the Senate will conduct a stack of up to four roll call votes in the order listed below:

  1. Grassley amendment #4751: An amendment offered by Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa to reauthorize and provide funding for the National Instant Background Check System (NICS), provide incentives to share mental health records, and further encourage federal record sharing.
  2. Murphy amendment #4750: An amendment offered by Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut to expand background checks, which would require (with a few exceptions) a background check for the sale and transfer of any firearm. It would also require states to make data for NICS electronically available and would require federal agencies to certify that they have shared all records on any individual who would be prohibited from purchasing a firearm.
  3. Cornyn amendment #4742: An amendment offered by Sen. John Cornyn of Texas would allow the Attorney General to delay suspected terrorists from purchasing a firearm for up to 72 hours while seeking a court order to stop the sale. It would also allow the Attorney General to delay the sale of a firearm to anyone who has been the subject of a terror investigation within the previous five years.
  4. Feinstein amendment #4720: An amendment offered by Sen. Diane Feinstein of California would allow the Attorney General to prohibit the sale of a firearm if there is a “reasonable suspicion” that an individual has been or will be involved in a terrorist attack.

We must call and Tweet Senators and tell them not to tread on our Constitutional freedoms – especially today regarding the second amendment. Every American citizen has the right to keep and bear arms and none of us should lose that right without due process.

Senator State Phone Tweet
Lisa Murkowski AK 202-224-6665 @LisaMurkowski
Dan Sullivan AK 202-224-3004 @SenDanSullivan
Jefferson Sessions AL 202-224-4124 @SenatorSessions
Richard Shelby AL 202-224-5744 @SenShelby
John Boozman AR 202-224-4843 @JohnBoozman
Tom Cotton AR 202-224-2353 @SenTomCotton
John McCain AZ 202-224-2235 @SenJohnMcCain
Jeff Flake AZ 202-224-4521 @JeffFlake
Barbara Boxer CA 202-224-3553 @SenatorBoxer
Dianne Feinstein CA 202-224-3841 @SenFeinstein
Michael Bennet CO 202-224-5852 @SenBennetCo
Cory Gardner CO 202-224-5941 @RepCoryGardner
Christopher Murphy CT 202-224-4041 @ChrisMurphyCT
Richard Blumenthal CT 202-224-2823 @SenBlumenthal
Thomas Carper DE 202-224-2441 @SenatorCarper
Chris Coons DE 202-224-5042 @SenCoonsOffice
Bill Nelson FL 202-224-5274 @SenBillNelson
Marco Rubio FL 202-224-3041 @SenRubioPress
John Isakson GA 202-224-3643 @SenatorIsakson
David Perdue GA 202-224-3521 @SenDavidPerdue
Mazie Hirono HI 202-224-6361 @MazieHirono
Brian Schatz HI 202-224-3934 @SenBrianSchatz
Charles Grassley IA 202-224-3744 @ChuckGrassley
Joni Ernst IA 202-224-3254 @SenJoniErnst
Michael Crapo ID 202-224-6142 @MikeCrapo
James Risch ID 202-224-2752 @SenatorRisch
Richard Durbin IL 202-224-2152 @SenatorDurbin
Mark Kirk IL 202-224-2854 @SenatorKirk
Daniel Coats IN 202-224-5623 @SenDanCoats
Joe Donnelly IN 202-224-4814 @SenDonnelly
Pat Roberts KS 202-224-4774 @SenPatRoberts
Jerry Moran KS 202-224-6521 @JerryMoran
Mitch McConnell KY 202-224-2541 @McConnellPress
Rand Paul KY 202-224-4343 @SenRandPaul
David Vitter LA 202-224-4623 @DavidVitter
Bill Cassidy LA 202-224-5824 @BillCassidy
Edward Markey MA 202-224-2742 @MarkeyMemo
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Barbara Mikulski MD 202-224-4654 @SenatorBarb
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Thad Cochran MS 202-224-5054 @SenThadCochran
Roger Wicker MS 202-224-6253 @SenatorWicker
Jon Tester MT 202-224-2644 @SenatorTester
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Richard Burr NC 202-224-3154 @SenatorBurr
Thom Tillis NC 202-224-6342 @ThomTillis
John Hoeven ND 202-224-2551 @SenJohnHoeven
Heidi Heitkamp ND 202-224-2043 @SenatorHeitkamp
Deb Fischer NE 202-224-6551 @SenatorFischer
Benjamin Sasse NE 202-224-4224 @BenSasse
Jeanne Shaheen NH 202-224-2841 @SenatorShaheen
Kelly Ayotte NH 202-224-3324 @KellyAyotte
Robert Menendez NJ 202-224-4744 @SenatorMenendez
Cory Booker NJ 202-224-3224 @SenBookerOfc
Tom Udall NM 202-224-6621 @SenatorTomUdall
Martin Heinrich NM 202-224-5521 @MartinHeinrich
Harry Reid NV 202-224-3542 @SenatorReid
Dean Heller NV 202-224-6244 @SenDeanHeller
Charles Schumer NY 202-224-6542 @SenSchumer
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Sherrod Brown OH 202-224-2315 @SenSherrodBrown
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John Thune SD 202-224-2321 @SenJohnThune
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Bob Corker TN 202-224-3344 @SenBobCorker
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Michael Enzi WY 202-224-3424 @SenatorEnzi
John Barrasso WY 202-224-6441 @SenJohnBarrasso