The first debate of 2012 between President Obama and Governor Romney will take place this Wednesday, October 3. The debate will cover domestic policy.

One of the most important issues facing whoever wins in November is the national debt. The Republican Study Committee (RSC) has put forth a plan – one Tea Party Patriots has officially backed – that would balance the budget in five years. Of all of the plans that received votes in Congress this year, the RSC has put forth the only one that would balance the budget in a reasonable period of time. The House Republican budget, for example, balances in over twenty years, but as all Patriots know, one Congress can easily overrule a past Congress’ budget deal. This is why a short-term balanced budget is absolutely critical.

Unfortunately, neither President Obama nor Governor Romney has put forward a plan that would balance the budget at all. We are therefore asking Patriots to ask the candidates if they are willing to put forth such a plan, and what would such a plan look like?

Please send a Tweet to both candidates asking them to answer the question during Wednesday’s debate.


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