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Article V of the U.S. Constitution outlines two methods for amending the Constitution. The first method allows for Congress to originate an amendment and the second provides for a convention of the states. The second method has never been used. The founders specifically provided that method to allow the people and the states the ability to reign in an over reaching federal government. However, there are some fears and some dangers to an Article V amending convention.

Is today’s federal tyranny demanding that we bring the government back within its constitutional limits? Does that need now outweigh the fears and dangers of an amending convention? Did the Founders provide us with the remedy in Article V? These questions need serious consideration. Tea Party Patriot’s Article V Symposium will tackle those questions by discussing the historical context of Article V, including the historical pros and cons. We will also discuss the current pros and cons and proposed amendments that are being promoted by various pro-convention groups.

Join us for this discussion to become well informed about this very important issue permeating our political discussions. The schedule is as follows:

Upcoming Events:

There are no upcoming events at this time. Please check out the archived events below.

Past Events:

01/07/14 – Pro, Cons, and Historical Context: Presented by Bill Norton of Tea Party Patriots. A presentation on the history and context of Article V of the U.S. Constitution. Including, historical arguments for and against an amending convention of the states.
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01/14/14 –  Arguments for and against: Continuing the discussion with a pro expert and a con expert regarding an Article V amending convention of the states.
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01/21/14 – Proposed Amendments Part 1: What are some of the amendments being promoted by pro Article V amending convention groups? From a Balanced Budget Amendment to Term Limits to Repeal 16, learn about them on this webinar.
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02/04/14 – Proposed Amendments Part 2: A continuation of proposed amendments. (Note: this webinar was rescheduled from 01/28/14)
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