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Dump the IRS

One of the most destructive forces in America emerged 101 years ago when the 16th Amendment to the Constitution went into effect. It gave Congress the ability to levy taxes on the income of working Americans and in the process, gave us the Internal Revenue Service, the most widely reviled agency in all of government.

The IRS was spawned by the need to enforce the income tax and the only way to eliminate this agency is through constitutional change.

If the IRS was just collecting taxes, that would be one thing. But we now know the IRS has engaged in a systematic campaign of intimidation against us and like-minded Americans. We also recently learned that the IRS even contemplated criminal prosecution of Tea Party Patriots!

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Sample letter to congress. - Use this template to send a letter to your members of Congress to let them know that this issue is real, to get it on their radar, and to make sure it is clear that constituents support repealing the 16th Amendment.


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