April 29-May 3, 2013

  • Monday: The focus for today is to post blog posts on Facebook and blogs and write letters to the editor on the topic of “No more train wreck bills.”
    Click for Amnesty Bill Talking Points
    Click for Sample Blog Post
    Click for Sample Letter to the Editor
    Click for Infographic – Obamacare vs. Amnesty or Click here for a Printer Friendly Version.
  • Tuesday: Tuesday is Social Media Blitz day and “Tweet It Tuesday.” The hashtag campaign this week is: #NoMoreTrainWrecks
    Click for Sample Tweets and Facebook Posts
  • Wednesday: Today’s focus is on making phone calls and visiting the district office for your U.S. Senators to drop off letters.
    Click to Find Your Senators’ Local Offices
    Click for Thank You Letter for Senators who are standing for principle (Note: Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Jeff Sessions, James Inhofe, and Rand Paul will receive these letters.)
    Click for Train Wreck Letter for Senators who are not doing anything to stop the ramming of this bill
    Click to Call Your Senators
  • Thursday: Today’s focus is on hosting Street Rallies at busy intersections and conducting bumper sticker blitzes. The ideal time for these rallies is 5:00-7:00 pm (local time).
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    Click for “How to Host a Sign Waving Event”
    Click for Sample Sign Messages
  • Friday: On Friday we will re-cap all of our activities this week and begin planning for next week’s theme and messaging opportunities.