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Will House Conservatives Make their Mark on History?

McConnell: Iran nuclear deal will be “revisited by the next commander in chief”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told CBS News that President Obama's Iran nuclear deal will "likely" be "revisited by the next commander in chief" but that Senate Republicans are throwing in the towel on the issue and moving on to other legislation. Reports CBS News: A last-ditch GOP attempt to derail the Iran nuclear deal failed in the Senate Thursday, and defeated Republicans said they would move on and leave the fight against the Iran accord to the next president. Senators voted 53-44 to block a measure preventing the Obama administration from lifting sanctions against Iran unless the country recognizes Israel as a state and ...

The Court Will Not Save Us From Obamacare (Jenny Beth Martin’s Op-Ed in The Daily Caller)

Today’s Supreme Court ruling is another disappointing blow to everyone who cherishes the rule of law, our Constitution, and limited government... Continue here.

Scott Walker: I Will Run as a Conservative (Newsmax – Joel Himelfarb)

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Monday that Republicans do not need to moderate their views to win voter support and that he will run as a conservative if he decides to seek the Republican Party presidential nomination... Continue here.

Homeland Security Faces Shutdown (McClatchy – William Douglas)

Washington — Congress will return to work today with only four days left to pass a Department of Homeland Security funding bill and avert a partial agency shutdown and the furlough of about 30,000 federal employees... Continue here.

Will You Come to DC?


Will You Come to DC?


On Benghazi, the truth will come out

The White House, specifically Press Secretary Jay Carney, have seen finer weeks. But ultimately, that’s what happens when you obfuscate, attempt to intimidate, and hide the truth. The beginning of this week saw the release[1], via a Freedom of Information Act request, of a never-before-seen email detailing the White House’s response in the aftermath of the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. The email, written by deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes, was sent with the subject line of “PREP CALL with Susan.” The email includes messaging “goals” for then-U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, including, “to ...

George Will: “Of course I want Obamacare to fail”

On Sunday, George Will said what more Republicans and conservatives should be stating loud and clear: we want Obamacare to fail. Why do we want it to fail? Again, Will states it excellently: Of course I want Obamacare to fail, because if it doesn't fail, it will just further entangle American society with a government that is not up to this. For one hundred years now, the narrative of progressivism —from Woodrow Wilson on – has been, progress will come, if, but only if, we concentrate more and more power in Washington, and more and more power in Washington power in the executive branch, and more and more executive branch power in the hands of ...

Tea Party Blasts Senate for “No Conversation” and “No Compromise” That Will Force Shutdown

Encourages House to Stand Firm Tea Party Patriots are calling on members of the House of Representatives to stand their ground after the Senate refused to negotiate on delaying funding of Obamacare.  “Harry Reid’s refusal to negotiate moves us one step closer to a shut down,” said Jenny Beth Martin, National Coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots. “His extreme position continues to threaten hard-working American families with the burden of Obamacare. This move highlights the arrogance of Washington, D.C., as the Senate refuses to live under the same laws they expect the rest of us to live by. “Congressmen and women—you are the ...