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Call to Action: Characteristics of the Next Speaker of the House

Members of the Republican Conference in the House are expected to meet at 5pm EDT on Tuesday, September 29th to discuss the next steps in the quest for a new Speaker. Find your Member of Congress and call them to tell them what you expect to see in a new Speaker. Then call the following list and tell them what you expect to see from a new Speaker and leadership in general. Some characteristics of a new speaker are listed below. Who to Call: Find your Representative Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (announced bid for Speakership) 202-225-2915 Daniel Webster (announced bid Speakership) 202-225-2176 Majority Whip Steve Scalise (said to be ...

Even Pres. Obama’s DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson says San Francisco sanctuary policies “counterproductive to public safety”

President Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson Tuesday finally joined the chorus of voices criticizing the "sanctuary city" policies in San Francisco many say led to the murder of Kate Steinle.  Steinle was allegedly shot by an illegal immigrant with prior convictions while walking along the San Francisco waterfront in July. The suspect was released from local custody prior to the shooting, despite a request from federal immigration officials he be kept in jail. Fox News reports: "It is counterproductive to public safety to have this level of resistance to working with our immigration enforcement personnel," he said during a talk ...

Call to Action: Stopping the Iran Deal in the Senate

Call to Action Stop the Iran Deal Call Report

Call to Action Stop the Iran Deal Call Report

U.S. House Responds After Thousands Of Tea Party Activists Rally To Stop Iran Deal

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) told thousands of Tea Party activists at our rally Wednesday that House Republican leaders delayed voting on the Iran deal to regroup and figure out a way to kill it once and for all. Fox News has the details: Conservative House Republicans forced an abrupt about-face from party leaders Wednesday as a rule to debate a resolution disapproving the Iran nuclear deal was scrapped in favor of an approach involving votes on three related measures. The first measure specifies that the Obama administration had not properly submitted the accord to Congress. The second is a bound-to-fail vote to approve the deal, and a third ...

Correcting the Record from Misstatements by Sen Whitehouse


There is bipartisan agreement on Capitol Hill that President Barack Obama’s unilateral agreement with Iran – the world’s largest state sponsor of terror – is reckless and will enable Iran to get a nuclear weapon within the next decade.   Read more at Breibart.com: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/08/27/martin-how-grassroots-activists-can-stop-the-iran-deal-starting-today/

End the Iran Deal Congressional Office Visit After Action Report

Iran deal rally after action report