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Statement of Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, on Marco Rubio’s announced candidacy

"As we mark the Sixth Anniversary of our original Tax Day rallies, it’s gratifying to see yet another candidate who shares tea party values enter the 2016 presidential race.  We have come a long way, in six years, when three tea party senators are major players in the presidential race. "Sen. Rubio’s personal story inspires, as does his commitment to personal freedom, economic freedom and a debt-free future. "Marco Rubio’s candidacy and the 2016 election are about the future, not the past. He knows first-hand that prosperity comes not from a government program, but from free markets and the hard work done by the millions of individuals ...

A new surge in border crossings is coming

Officials along the U.S.-Mexico border are bracing [1] for another surge of illegal minor crossings, according to news reports. Though the peak may be lower than what we saw in 2014, analysts still project 40,000 crossings by unaccompanied children – a rate that will still put 2015 in the record books. While the surge will put more strain on our border patrol officials, it will no doubt also bring the immigration debate back to the forefront in Washington, D.C. Last year, it’s safe to say, Washington totally and utterly failed at dealing with the border crisis. Congress failed to pass legislation to actually deal with the influx. And ...

Fiorina, Tea Party Loyalists Have Much in Common (David Lightman – McClatchy)

Carly Fiorina told the Tea Party Patriots Sunday that she too wants smaller, more responsive government, as she spoke and took questions from callers... Continue here.

Must Read from Sen. Mike Lee: Our Lost Constitution

From his first day in the Senate, Mike Lee has been one of the staunchest conservatives and defenders of the Constitution. Whether it’s personal liberty, economic freedom, taxes, or a debt-free future, Senator Lee has time and time again stood strong on conservative principles. Today, we are so pleased to be able to support him in his latest endeavor. Sen. Lee just published a new book titled, “Our Lost Constitution.” The book tells the untold stories of specific provisions of our nation’s founding document – how they came to be, who proposed them, who opposed them, and more. He’s truly provides a must-read narrative of the Constitution ...

Statement of Jenny Beth Martin on No contempt charges for IRS’s Lerner

No rational person can be surprised at the Justice Department’s decision not to pursue contempt charges against Lois Lerner. The rule of law is a foreign concept to Eric Holder, who himself is in contempt of Congress. Of course he’ll play defense for the woman whose contempt for those who disagree with the President weaponized the IRS. The persecution of the President’s perceived enemies gets Eric Holder’s seal of approval. Lois Lerner will never be held accountable.

Montana Tea Party Groups Convene in Helena

Tea party groups from across Big Sky Country gathered in the state’s capitol city last weekend to talk about strategy and upcoming opportunities for the movement. And with newly minted GOP majorities in both chambers of the legislature, Montana conservatives see abounding opportunities. Close to a dozen different tea party groups from across the (huge) state attended, as did TPP’s Legislative Coordinator Bill Pascoe and Communications Director Kevin Broughton. Attendees got a quick tutorial on social media on Friday, then got a chance to see what their colleagues across Montana were doing to further the cause. Investigative reporter Ron Catlett ...

Tens of thousands of convicted illegals were released onto the streets last year

The Department of Homeland Security (emphasis on the worlds “homeland” and “security”) is having a hard time living up to its name. According to new documents obtained by Judicial Watch, [1] DHS released roughly 166,000 criminal illegal immigrants into the U.S. as of April 2014. These criminals include, but are not limited to, rapists, murders and kidnappers. And releasing them is supposed to secure our homeland how, exactly? This information, it should be noted, comes after a lengthy legal back-and-forth. In July 2014, Judicial Watch was forced to file a lawsuit against DHS, after the agency repeatedly failed to respond to Freedom of ...

Election 2016: Can Ted Cruz Win The Conservative Mantle? (International Business Times – Ginger Gibson)

- If Ted Cruz wants to win the Republican primary, first he’s going to have to win an internal battle in the GOP’s right wing to be the conservative candidate of choice... Continue here.

Tea Party Patriots Leader: Ted Cruz “Has Yielded To No One’ in Pushing True Conservatism (Breitbart – Matthew Boyle)

LYNCHBURG, Virginia — Jenny Beth Martin, the co-founder of Tea Party Patriots and the head of the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Super PAC, celebrated Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for the announcement of his presidential campaign shortly after midnight on Monday. In a statement to Breitbart News, Martin said that Cruz has been one of the most effective fighters for conservatism in his two years in the U.S. Senate... Continue here.

Gov. Scott Walker’s Tea Party Patriots Tele Townhall – March 16, 2015

(Photo Credit: Megan McCormick, Wikipedia) On Tuesday, Tea Party Patriots was honored to have Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker join thousands of patriots on a tele townhall. He spoke out firmly against big government, Obamacare, amnesty and ethanol subsidies. Walker understands that “Washington, D.C. is 68 miles surrounded by reality” and fighter for liberty. Gov. Walker has for years been a leading conservative voice outside the D.C. bubble. His track record is one of remarkable dedication to smaller government and individual freedom. He matches his principled rhetoric with impressive victories on behalf of hard-working Wisconsin taxpayers ...