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Texas Tea Party Patriots Pac

Texas Tea Party Patriots PAC is a volunteer group made of everyday Americans decided to affect, the election of candidates who share our core values. The Texas TEA Party PAC will organize protest rallies to energize and enlist the support of the community and create a vehicle for their voice to be heard in the public domain. The events will be of a non-partisan nature, however will be consistent with the Mission Statement of the organization. We will work to educate, inform and motivate people to realize their duty as citizens and work towards the mission of this organization for the benefit or our state and nation. Further, the Texas TEA Party Patritos shall take actions to find, support, and elect responsible individuals to local, state and national government office. Those individuals will reflect our belief that leadership should abide by the United States Constitution. Leadership should be prudent in fiscal spending, and should be engaged with its constituents and accountable to them. We intend to work with and promote likeminded individuals, groups, businesses, and community organizations to achieve our goal.

Meeting Location

1544 Sawdust Road, Suite 402 The Woodlands, TX 77380 (713) 400-1272

Meeting Schedule

Every Tuesday at 6:30 pm


Contact Info

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