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The American Anti-Communist Alliance was formed at our founding congress in late 2009 in response to the Obama administration's left-ward drift towards Marxism. The A.A.A. has just launched it's national presence with activities slated to commence immediately. Visit for more information on activities near you. The A.A.A. is composed of three branches: Sprawl, Boston, and Denver. Sprawl cares four our national presence: the website, the merchandise, the national organization itself, as well as our national charity work. The Boston and Denver branches are focused on community organizing and counter-protesting. The A.A.A. is distinct, yet, sympathetic to the Tea Party Movement. While we see the Tea Party Movement as a great start, it lacks clear leadership and theoretical cohesion, with factionalism close to tearing apart what working-class folk, tired of Marxism, have built up. The A.A.A. aims to be the vanguard of the conservative resurgence. We are citizens, young and old, who have taken in interest in studying the theoretical and practical aspects of implementing a conservative vision. We are the children of the Washington Consensus, the Project for a new American Century, and Francis Fukuyama. We take the vision of former President Reagan and former President George Bush Jr. seriously, yet, we understand their limitations. They posited their enemies simply as terrorists but, we know for a fact, the only way to create a new America, free from Marxist totalitarianism, is to know your enemy. The enemy is Marxism. The enemy is Communism. Not knowing your enemy has caused the American people to be duped into supporting a Communist, Obama, whose friends include urban guerillas from the Weathermen and Saudi princes who oppress their own people. We encourage everyone and anyone who sympathizes with our cause to start a chapter and join us on the web at - Some of our practical activities include community policing; we stop gangs from hurting innocent, hard-working American families. We make sure the government stays out of housing and we prevent the construction of low income housing in neighborhoods where families have worked to help themselves just to be mired in the poverty, crime, and drug dealing that the Projects bring. We need everyone to join in, so we can reclaim America! Our founding fathers fought for FREEDOM, NOT for Communism!

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