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We are Americans who believe in limited government, community and personal responsibility. We believe the only way to restore and preserve our God-given American liberty is to become Constitutional thinkers. Gain an understanding of the principles and history of American liberty and our framing documents, and know the difference between policy that prospers liberty and policy that destroys it. Mission To foster Constitutional thinkers among voters and future voters on the local level through forming 912 patriot small groups in neighborhood precincts, community and church groups, and schools where members are equipped with the tools to defend and articulate Americas liberty-heritage and build relationships within their community for American renewal.VISION: Vision 1) Our local citizenry will be engaged in the Constitutional election process at every LEVEL-- local, state and federal, understanding the political structure and knowing we have the power to win at the local and state elections which will begin to effect federal elections and the national government. 2) Voters will be critical thinkers who thoroughly understand the difference between policy that perpetuates liberty and policy that threatens and destroys it without any regards to politics, party lines, or special interest. Policy-minded voters versus political party pawns! 3) Individuals will have a paradigm shift in how they think about government and policy, and education. Their desire to safeguard freedom for their children will be the fuel that drives them to continue in activism, educating their sphere of influence, running for office and insuring that their children are taught the principles of liberty in school so that their "childrens children will know what it is like to be free." 4) This education initiative is replicated throughout our local area and beyond impacting the 21st centurys American renewal!

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