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Statement of Jenny Beth Martin on Boehner’s latest cave

“Sadly, we’ve seen yet another reason why conservatives do not and should not trust Establishment Republicans. Rewarded by the American people with historic majorities for opposing executive amnesty, their capitulation began almost immediately. “First, Speaker Boehner whipped votes with the President in December’s lame duck session, so eager was he to fund nearly the entire government through September. ‘Don’t worry,’ we were told. The House would not fund the Obama executive amnesty. “And how many days ago did the Speaker reiterate his hard line and flex his new-found muscle on Fox News Sunday? Now, yet again, he again uses ...

Statement of Jenny Beth Martin on Lois Lerner’s bonuses

Nothing the IRS does surprises me. The news that Lois Lerner collected $129,000 in bonuses during the three years she was wrecking people’s lives, however, is particularly galling.  Millions of hardworking Americans are hurting and struggling to make ends meet. Meanwhile, it’s buckets of cash for the woman who persecuted her president’s perceived enemies. This administration penalizes achievement and success, and rewards those who further its big-government agenda. Sad. 

Statement of Jenny Beth Martin on Keystone veto

It’s beyond disappointing that President Obama has vetoed Keystone XL. Instead of saying “yes” to thousands of high-paying American jobs and energy independence, he has bowed to the forces of environmental extremism and the far Left of his own party. And a week after our embassy was abandoned in Yemen, he has chosen to keep Americans dependent on foreign oil for the foreseeable future.

Statement of Jenny Beth Martin on District Court Immigration Ruling

We commend Judge Hanen for his ruling, which restores the rule of law to America’s immigration system, and we thank the 26 attorneys general for bringing the case. The ruling also points out the lawless, overreaching nature of President Obama’s actions. We’re hopeful this will be a wakeup call to Senate Democrats, and that they will allow a vote on funding for critical DHS funding as soon as they return from the recess.

Statement of Jenny Beth Martin on Keystone passage

We commend the House of Representatives for its passage of S. 1, the Keystone XL pipeline bill. This legislation would put Americans to work with high paying, private sector jobs.   Most important, as we note that our embassy in Yemen has been abandoned, it would reduce our dependence on foreign oil from the Middle East. We urge President Obama to put the needs of Americans first, and sign this legislation for the security of the Republic. And we’d remind him that it enjoys the support of Democrats and Republicans.  

Statement of Jenny Beth Martin on continued IRS stonewalling

The only reason this is news is because it was a media outlet that got the IRS’s thumb stuck in its eye. This punitive, malicious agency has been targeting Americans who have the nerve to disagree with their president since 2010, and this is yet another example of the Administration’s arrogance. It is, simply, above the law. The fact is that The Hill is getting the same treatment Tea Party Patriots, Cause of Action, Judicial Watch and others have received for the last 14 months. We’ve received thousands of pages largely or totally redacted, with no arguable basis for nondisclosure, because this rogue agency knows it can defy the law with ...

Jenny Beth Martin in The Daily Caller: Cancel next week’s recess!

Tea Party Patriots’ Jenny Beth Martin has a new op-ed up now at The Daily Caller, throwing down the gauntlet for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Her message, put simply, is this: cancel next week’s recess until the Senate passes the DHS funding bill. Writes Martin: Democrats – including seven who lamely said they opposed executive amnesty – filibustered a House-passed bill (HR 240) that would defund President Obama’s lawless actions. No chance, says new Minority Leader Harry Reid; fund Obama’s amnesty, or nothing. It’s important to note that by refusing to allow an up-or-down vote, Democrats are irretrievably culpable for any ...

Statement from Jenny Beth Martin on the passing of Allen Nunnelee

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Congressman Nunnelee, a dedicated public servant who was taken too soon. He served with honor and integrity, and his passing leaves a void in North Mississippi. May God bless all those close to him during this difficult time.

Statement from Jenny Beth Martin on Sen. Vitter’s efforts to repeal Obamacare exemption

Since the passage of Obamacare, Sen. Vitter has been consistent in calling for the repeal of the illegal, special exemption for the political ruling class. He is to be commended for using his chairmanship to root out corruption and political privilege.  Hardworking, taxpaying Americans are forced to live under President Obama's nationalized healthcare regime; kudos to David Vitter for this first step toward leveling the playing field.

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