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Secure Our Border – Toolkit

  While the House border bill is on hold, call your Senators. It is urgent that they pass HR 240, which defunds executive amnesty. Let them know they should cancel their recess until they do their jobs. Details below.   Download Toolkit   On Friday, Jan. 9 — just before a holiday weekend — House Homeland Security Chairman Mike McCaul (R-TX) introduced H.R. 399, with the misleading title Secure Our Border First Act. The Committee attempted to fast-track the bill, but the House Leadership pulled it from the floor until further notice. Our task is to make sure this bill can be amended to make it a true border-security ...

Defund Amnesty Toolkit

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DACA Toolkit


IRS – TOOLKIT – July 2014


News Briefing for Friday, March 27

TEA PARTY PATRIOTS: The GOP quandary: How far right without falling over the edge? “…Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who is at or near the top of most early polls among Republicans, likes to boast how he stuck to conservative principles to win statewide office three times in a centrist state. “To win the center, you don’t have to go to the center, you have to lead,” he said last week during a Tea Party Patriots telephone town hall. Tea party loyalists are still somewhat wary of Walker, though, because of past positions on immigration and government support for ethanol, a big issue in Iowa, site of the nation’s first caucus. In 2006, he ...

News Briefing for March 21

TEA PARTY PATRIOTS: Early line: 3-man race for 2016 GOP nomination “Much of who’s ahead and who’s not at this stage “is based on who’s known and who’s not known,” said Fergus Cullen, another former New Hampshire Republican chairman. Cullen hosted a reception at his home for Bush last week. What’s lacking in the top tier is a hardcore conservative or tea party favorite. Tea party loyalists are sympathetic to Walker, for example, but still have some doubts. At a Tea Party Patriots telephone town hall meeting this week, some questioned whether he has shifted his position on government help for ethanol over the years. Mike Huckabee, ...

News Briefing for Thursday, March 19

HEALTHCARE: GOP aims to sink Obamacare with reconciliation But first they have to strike a difficult deal on an overall budget “Senate Republicans want to use a powerful budget maneuver known as reconciliation to go after President Barack Obama’s health care law — particularly if the Supreme Court strikes down key provisions of Obamacare this June. Using the fast-tracking procedure offers some advantage for Republicans, largely because a reconciliation package can’t be filibustered. But it’s not going to be easy. First, House and Senate Republicans need to agree on a budget resolution, which could be difficult with fiscal conserva...

News Briefing for Tuesday, March 17

TEA PARTY PATRIOTS: Scott Walker Joins Tea Party Patriots for a ‘Tele-Town Hall’ Tonight “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker join will joining Tea Party Patriots “for a national tele-town hall meeting tonight.” “Over the last four years, all Scott Walker does is win,” TPP President Jenny Beth Martin said. “Any Republican who can win three elections in four years – in a blue state – will be a force in 2016, and we look forward to hearing his conservative vision for a post-Obama America.” According to TPP, “The call will run from 8-9 p.m. EDT Monday, March 16. Anyone may take part by clicking here.“ http://www.nationalrevie...