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Obamacare protests Resemble Campaign Rallies (USA Today – Jayne O’Donnell)

WASHINGTON — If the scene outside the Supreme Court on Wednesday resembled dueling campaign rallies — and it did — that was because many people's views on the hotly contested Obamacare case argued inside fall along partisan lines... Continue here.

Jay Carney Echoing President Obama’s “Pinocchios”

Last week, The Fact Checker gave President Obama Four Pinocchios for lying about the debt ceiling. Shortly afterward, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney made his own deceptive statements on the 2011 and 2013 debates. First, Carney repeats the same claim President Obama was fact-checked for by Glenn Kessler over at The Washington Post – that the debt ceiling has never been used to gain concessions by the opposite party. Fox News’ Ed Henry took him to task: ED HENRY: Since you said you wanted to focus on facts. Yesterday, you and the president talked about how never in the history of America has the debt ceiling been used to extort the ...

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney avoids questions like it’s his job

Between amnesty immigration, the IRS scandal, the NSA scandal, the President Obama crowd dwarfing Rally on Wednesday, and the food stamp bill, it’s been a long couple of weeks. As a break from the seriousness of what we do, here’s a little fun at White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s expense from Yahoo! News: Jay Carney doesn’t have an answer for that. He hasn’t discussed that subject with the president. He will refer you to the Department of [insert agency here]. He refuses to speculate on that. He’ll have to get back to you. But he appreciates the question. A Yahoo News analysis of the 444 briefings that Carney has held since ...

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8 Agenda Items President Trump Needs Our Help With

President Donald J. Trump delivers his first address to a joint session of Congress tonight and now more than ever he needs patriots nationwide to support him as he carries out the agenda he outlined on the campaign trail, including repealing Obamacare, cutting taxes, imposing term limits and enforcing our immigration policies (among other things!). So join us as we hit the ground running in our ninth year of encouraging our leaders to push for policies that will guarantee personal and economic liberty for all Americans. Here are some of the agenda items our new president needs our help implementing and agenda items he may address in the joint session ...

Show Up Online!

Thank you for another week of action!! Every action we each take, no matter how small, is another step toward our goal of making America great again! I want to quickly highlight one group who took action yesterday in Binghampton, NY. One of our longtime Local Coordinators, Gilda Ward, and her group showed up at Senator Schumer’s office to tell him to stop obstructing the President’s nominees and to swiftly confirm Neil Gorsuch. There’s a great story in the local news that covered the event. Moving on to today’s action. Today, I’m asking you to read my latest column in the Washington Times and leave a comment ...

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