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We are #AmericaProud

Today, Tea Party Patriots is launching a brand new month-long campaign about what makes us proud to be American. We couldn’t be more excited. Here’s how it will work: Once a day, every day for the month of July, we’ll focus on one thing that makes us proud to be American. On social media, you’ll notice us using the hashtag: #AmericaProud. We invite you to use the hashtag as well and join in the conversation! There are so many things about living in the United States that we take for granted every single day. We live in the greatest country that has ever existed. Our Founding Fathers providing us with a Constitution meant to protect life, ...

BREAKING: Americans don’t trust big government

Pres. Ronald Regan once famously said that “the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Reagan may have uttered those words decades ago, but - according to a new poll – they still ring true today. An overwhelming majority of Americans don’t trust the federal government. A full 61 percent of American voters don’t have faith in the powers that run Washington. What’s equally startling is that trust among registered Independents has dropped 32 percentage points since 2002. For Republicans, trust has gone from 63 percent to 25 percent. When voters are asked about President ...

Time for the government to stop spying on Americans (Jenny Beth Martin and Hilary O’ Shelton op-ed in The News & Observer)

It’s not often that the NAACP and the tea party agree on much of anything, but we have come together over a common concern to fight for a common cause: We want our government to stop spying on innocent Americans... Continue here.

No, America won’t miss federal Obamacare subsidies

By the end of June, the Supreme Court will decide whether federal Obamacare subsidies are unconstitutional. Until then, the left will continue to run in circles trying to convince Americans that should the court side with Obamacare opponents, disaster and ruin are imminent. Here’s why you shouldn’t believe the hyperbole. New research from the American Action Forum (AAF) shows just how much the majority of states will be better off if federal subsidies are struck down. According to Forbes.com: AAF estimates that more than 11 million people would be liberated from having to purchase expensive ObamaCare insurance and freed from the onerous ...

GOP Senators’ Pro-Congressional Excemption from Obamacare Crusade Draws Scorn – From America (Jenny Beth Martin op-ed in Breitbart.com)

Entitled, “Vitter’s Anti-Obamacare Crusade Draws Scorn – from GOP,” and reported by Manu Raju, the piece contains quote after quote from GOP Senators, each in turn explaining how Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) ’s “crusade” to end Congress’ special treatment is misdirected, or misguided, or political, or (my favorite!) “disingenuous.”... Continue here.

Jenny Beth Martin: Tea Party’s Values ‘Resonate with Americans’ (Newsmax – Melissa Clyne)

The number of tea party Republicans eyeing the White House in 2016 speaks volumes about the impact of the movement, Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin said Wednesday on Newsmax TV's "America's Forum."... Continue here.

UC-Irvine tries to ban the American flag

The student government at the University of California-Irvine recently tried to ban the American flag from common areas on campus. No, it was not a joke. The measure passed by a vote of 6-4 before being ultimately vetoed by the student body president. Still, it remained a blow to both common sense and freedom of speech everywhere. Among the many reasons listed for banning the stars and stripes at UC-Irvine was that sometimes, “freedom of speech…can be interpreted as hate speech.” It would take years and years to try and unpack that logic, but we’d start with a simple question: in what instance could the simple hanging of an American ...

Mitchel McConnell Caves: The Senate GOP calls retreat on amnesty (American Spectator – Jeffrey Lord)

You can almost see Ronald Reagan rolling his eyes and saying, “There they go again.” Republicans in the Senate are ready to cave... Continue here.

7 things we’ll always love about America

1. The Founding Fathers. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them! 2. The Constitution It’s too easy to take for granted that we have a written roadmap for ensuring government doesn’t trample our freedoms. 3. Freedom We take it seriously; most other countries don’t! 4. Opportunity It’s still true that everyone America has the opportunity to pursue life, liberty and happiness. May that never change. 5. Free elections No matter how bad we may think things are, there’s comfort in knowing we have free elections that take place every couple of years, like clockwork. 6. Its natural beauty “O beautiful for spacious ...

Mike Pence’s Very Bad Week (CNN – Eric Bradner)

Washington (CNN)It should have been Mike Pence's strongest moment as Indiana governor -- a chance to showcase his style of executive leadership on the national stage. Instead, the week turned into a calamity of Team Pence's own making... Continue here.