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Hannity Matters to America – tell that to Media Matters

The liberal media is losing its mind over President Donald J. Trump’s upset victory over their darling candidate Hillary Clinton – even though Secretary Clinton failed our men in Benghazi, was criminally negligent in handling classified emails and, among other things, failed to disclose sizable Clinton Foundation donations even after promising President Obama she would. The president’s agenda is at odds with their own and THEY. JUST. CAN’T. DEAL. So, they’re pulling out every trick in the book – Media Matters for America specifically – even going so far as to put conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity in their cross hairs by publis...

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OUTRAGEOUS: Pelosi says ‘grandma’ will wind up ‘living in the guest room’ if Obamacare defunded

House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) in yet another example of how out-of-touch she is with everyday Americans predicted Wednesday grandmothers – God, forbid! – will end up living with their children if Obamacare is stripped of its funding. “If you’re a senior, you know Medicaid, almost half of Medicaid, is about long-term healthcare. You want grandma living in the guest room, you repeal the Affordable Care Act. If you go along with – this is part of an initiative that is part of the Ryan budget that says we’re going to voucherize…” she says. And maybe Rep. Pelosi, known for once donning a $400-plus Hermes scarf ...

Bill of Rights Week: Impeach IRS Commissioner Koskinen

Bill of Rights Week

Tea Party Patriots React to House Judiciary Committee Calling Hearings to Examine Misconduct of IRS Commissioner

ATLANTA, Ga – Tea Party Patriots co-founder and CEO Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today reacting to news the House Judiciary Committee will hold hearings to examine the misconduct of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.   “On behalf of the Tea Party Patriots, which was targeted by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents and has long called for the impeachment of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, we applaud the House Judiciary Committee for calling hearings into his misconduct but that is the least it could do. Both House and Senate committees investigated the targeting of Americans by the IRS, an issue that hits very close ...