Help ensure only legal votes count

There is a critical recount happening in Georgia right now to determine who will win Georgia’s electoral votes in the Presidential race. As of right now, the media has decided Joe Biden won Georgia, despite the fact that the recount is still going on, and serious questions about election fraud exist.

Georgia – and America as a whole – needs your help to make sure this recount isn’t a fake recount, where illegal ballots are simply counted again and again.

This effort is going to take a massive mobilization of volunteers, and more. We need your help to cover volunteer expenses, which would include transportation, hotel, and food; litigation costs; and a variety of communication methods, to inform voters about what is going on, in order to combat the mainstream media’s efforts to force the American people to accept Joe Biden as President, no matter the actual results of the election.

Thank you for supporting this urgent effort. Our republic is at stake. If the perpetrators of this fraud get away with it this time, what will they be able to do next time?

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