1. Go to: www.teapartypatriots.org/text.
2. Enter the information in the space provided on the webpage.
3. Our system will send you a text with a link.
4. Click on the link provided in the text message from us.
5. This will take you to the Text-A-Voter platform where you will be able to start
sending text messages to voters. (Please note that currently, the system will
have you working in the highest priority campaign.)
6. Click the big red button that says, “Send A text!”
7. This will open up your texting app with a pre-filled number and pre-filled text
8. Press send
9. Navigate back to your browser
10. To send another text, click on the big red button that now says, “Send Another
11. Continue the process of clicking the big red button and pressing send on your
phone to continue texting voters! Remember, you’ll need to navigate back to
your browser to send each new text.

Other Common Questions & Answers About TPPCF Text-A-Voter
What if someone responds to my text? Should I write back? If so, what should I say?
On the same page as the big red “Send Another Text” button, we have optional
responses that you can copy and paste and send back, depending on what the voter
sent to you. Simply navigate back to your browser, find the answer that is most suitable,
and click on the “Copy to Clipboard” button underneath the response you want to use.
Then go to your texting app and paste it into a message to the appropriate voter and
press send.

What if someone doesn’t want us to text them anymore?
If someone responds that they want to opt out/be removed from our texting list, simply
navigate back to your browser, and scroll down past the optional responses to the
button that says, “Submit Opt-Out,” enter the phone number of the person that wants
to be removed, and click the button.

What should I be recording in the “Log A Response” section?
With millions of voters that need to be contacted, the log a response isn’t the most
critical part of this work, so don’t spend too much time filling it out unless it’s something
that a Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund staff member needs to respond to the person
about (i.e. they want to find a local group to join and need our help).
What are the numbers at the bottom of the page?

Near the bottom of the page, you can see your personal Get Out The Vote stats. You can
see how many texts you’ve sent, how many calls you’ve made, and how many letters
you’ve mailed. And, if you send over 2,000 texts, or make over 500 calls, or send over
100 letters, you will be added to the Patriot Club Leaderboard! So keep track and see if
you can get to the top!

How do I get back into the system if I stop and come back to it?
If you go away and come back to do more, you can either go to the original text we sent
you and click on that link, or you can go back to the sign up form at

What if I want to change from texting voters to calling or sending letters to them?
If you want to change to calling or mailing, navigate back to your browser and scroll all
the way to the bottom. You may see links for “Phone” and “Mail.” Simply click on the
type of Get Out The Vote system you want to use. Please note that if we have more than
one campaign (for different candidates) going at a time, you will also see and can
choose which campaign you want to work on and choose the type of GOTV system
you want to use.