Join our Social Media Minute Men today to receive important text updates and calls to action. With the increasing news of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google censoring conservatives – banning their posts, hiding content, and de-boosting live broadcasts – we need to ensure we can communicate with you when it matters most. Simply fill out the form below or text your email address to 404-996-1717 to give us permission to text and email you.


What does it mean to be a part of the Social Media Minute Men? It means that when there is an urgent action that comes up suddenly, we send you a text message with the call to action. For example, if there is an article that needs to be shared quickly, we will text you the link to the article. Or, if calls need to be made to a member of Congress, we will send you a text with the information and phone number. Or, we may send a link that has the information you need to take action, and you would click to find out more. It’s really easy, but so powerful.

While our primary form of communication with our supporters is via email, it is a constant struggle to keep our emails getting to your inboxes. Email service providers like Gmail and Yahoo mail do a lot to try to prevent what they deem as spam from arriving in inboxes. Thus, we are constantly having to monitor our reputation as an email distributor to ensure as many of our emails are making it into inboxes as possible. While we do our best to maintain a good reputation, the size of our lists makes it impossible to ensure 100% deliverability. The best way to ensure you are receiving our emails is to add our email addresses to your email address book. The other way to ensure you are receiving important updates from us is to sign up to receive our text messages (by either filling out the form above or texting your email address to 404-996-1717).