Fight Back Against the Left’s Bullying Tactics

Fight Back Against the Left’s Bullying Tactics

The left is at it again, using bullying tactics to silence their opposition. This time they are attacking Laura Ingraham’s sponsors for her show on Fox News, The Ingraham Angle. Media Matters created a list of advertisers and several left-wing activists are urging their followers to tweet them and pressure them to stop advertising on Ingraham’s show. This is a petty and disgraceful thing for the left to do, but we cannot remain silent.

We have created a list of advertisers as well and we need to send them a message loud and clear that we are conservative Americans, we have a point of view, and we’re tired of the left using bullying tactics to try to silence the programming that we watch or the viewpoints that we hold. We are consumers too and we’re watching which advertisers rollover to the squeaky wheel of the left and will remember when it comes time to make purchasing decisions.

We have made it easy for you to engage on Twitter. Below, you will find a list of advertisers to tweet. As long as you’re logged into your twitter account, all you have to do is click the button to tweet and then click the button to send the tweet. It’s quick and easy and will go a long way to sending a message to corporations that they should think twice before they single out conservatives!

For each business, you will be tweeting two two messages to them. Here are are samples of what these tweets will look like:

Sample Tweet #1

.@business Notice to all corp ad depts/agencies: I’m a conservative American, I have a point of view, I’m sick/tired of corps being bullied into pulling sponsorships/ads from programming that I watch by ppl who disagree with me. @ingrahamangle #conservativeconsumer

Sample Tweet #2

.@business I’m a consumer too. I don’t jump on Twitter to bully companies when they advertise on prog that I disagree with, but I do remember those that rollover to the squeaky wheel. That weighs into where I decide to spend my money. @ingrahamangle #conservativeconsumer

The Ingraham Angle Advertisers

Marie Callender’s

Visiting Angels

3 Day Blinds

Ameriprise Financial

Bausch & Lomb

Claritin (Bayer)

Choice Hotels

Empire State Development Corp. (

Chappaquiddick Movie (Entertainment Studios)

Wonder Hanger (Hampton Direct)

Its Just Lunch

Stelara (Janssen)

Jos. A. Bank (Statement)

Liberty Mutual

Trulicity (Lilly)

Lincoln Motor Company

Preparation H (Pfizer)

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (

Colace (Purdue Pharma)

Rocket Mortgage (Quicken Loans)

Ruby Tuesday

Safelite Autoglass

Toujeo (Sanofi)

RoundUp (Scott’s)

ServiceMaster Restore

Billions (Show

Sleep Number

Wayfair (Statement)

Nutrish (Statement)

I Can Only Imagine (Roadside Attractions)

Reddi-Wip (Conagra)