What Are Your Biggest Concerns for the November 2018 Elections?

The media, liberals, socialists, Antifa, and the Democrat Party – all part of the anti-Trump “resistance” – are ratcheting up their calls to impeach President Trump for no actual, legal reason. In fact, last week the word “impeach” was mentioned in the media 222 in a single day. Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund and our supporters oppose this illegitimate impeachment attempt and recognize that we must stop the Deep State because they are operating outside of the Constitution. One of the foundational principles of the tea party movement is to protect and uphold the Constitution, and we will not sit idly by and watch as a corrupt “resistance” destroys our nation by shredding our Constitution and violating basic American values.

We are finalizing our plans for getting out the vote so that we win in November and put a stop to the efforts to overturn the 2016 election. We will have how-to guides, volunteer packets, and plans to engage in voter-to-voter activities. We will work with our grassroots base to reach Trump voters and ask them to get back out to vote in 2018 to support all of the incredible work that has been done during President Trump’s first two years. But before we finalize the packets and plans, we want to loop back with you once more to ensure we are meeting your needs. Will you please take this very short survey to let us know?