Pass H.R. 2/Laken Riley

Please call your representative and both of your senators, and ask them to either continue supporting or to pass H.R. 2, a real border security bill that closes loopholes that Joe Biden is exploiting. It’s already been passed by the House.

  • Tell your representative to settle for nothing less than H.R. 2, and continue supporting it.
  • Tell your senators to get moving and pass H.R. 2 without delay.

For both chambers, when you are speaking about this, remind them that Laken Riley didn’t have to die. A young woman murdered, her family devastated, because of Joe Biden’s deliberate open-border policies.

And yes, please call even if you represented by Democrats. They must hear about this because their constituents are threatened by the flood of illegal immigrants too. It is their party that pushes open borders at all costs, and they must be reminded that the cost includes murdered Americans.