Survey: Plan for 2016

Thank you for giving us your feedback. Please read the projects we have planned below and let us know what you think.


The National Yellow Card Project:
By now, you have no doubt heard us describe the “Yellow Card” project. Put simply, this is our project to ensure we create an election mandate for the seven issues we identify as our top priority. We realize the next campaign season will need to be centered on a plan to expand personal freedom and economic freedom and to move our country to a debt free future. We will achieve this goal through a variety of activities, including: interviews with the candidates, door-to-door voter questionnaires, petitions, and national polling. We will also launch a massive national training program so that volunteers can help us implement the project.


One Million New Registered Voters:
Closely related to our Yellow Card project is another ambitious project  – registering 1 million new voters in seven key states.

During the 2012 election cycle, the Obama campaign devised and employed a massive grassroots voter registration drive that enabled political groups and associations, non-profit organizations, and individuals to conduct their own voter registration drives. The program, which built on the Obama campaign’s successes in 2007-2008, registered millions of new voters.

The key to this success was starting early. In both Presidential election cycles, the Obama campaign began a full 20 months in advance. Another component of this success was that the campaign concentrated its efforts on states that would be competitive. For example, between the months of April and May of 2011, the Obama campaign registered an astonishing 250,000 new voters in North Carolina.

Tea Party Patriots seeks to register 1 million new conservative voters in seven key states: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Virginia.  Our plan combines the most successful aspects of the Obama campaign’s past voter registration drives, along with innovative approaches that Tea Party Patriots can pursue, drawing on its greatest asset: the local groups and activists.