Make America First

The America First Agenda needs us now more than ever.  Can our movement still count on you?

While Democrats may be facing a divisive election, there are many things they all agree on – radical left policies which will DESTROY all that President Trump has built in the last two-and-a-half years.

While the America First Agenda and its successes (our rock-solid economy, for one) have been able to speak for themselves in large part, the radical left and their allies in the media have done all they can to discredit our accomplishments – and soon, it will be time for America to choose between them and socialism.

Will you stand with us in support of President Trump’s America First Agenda? 

Please help us send a very clear message to politicians on Capitol Hill, especially those running for President, by signing the following Petition to Support America First as soon as you possibly can.  We will gather all of the signed petitions and forward them to Congressional offices here in D.C.


Whereas, We The People elected President Donald J. Trump in a fair election;

Whereas, President Trump campaigned on a number of promises to the American People, including but not limited to lower taxes, deregulation, better trade policies, strong border security, protecting life, and bolstering our military;

Whereas, Democrats have done nothing but obstruct the President’s America First Agenda, and have made no effort to enact bipartisan legislation or help the American People in any way;

Whereas, American shall never become a socialist country, as many Democrats would like; and,

Therefore, I implore members of Congress to support the President’s America First Agenda for a stronger country of, by and for We The People.


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