Constitution Training

One of three core values of Tea Party Patriots, and a common theme among the Tea Party movement, is a Constitutionally Limited Government. Patriots across the country recognize that our nation is highly favored in having a system of government wisely calculated to secure the life, liberty, and happiness of all its citizens. Sadly we have abandoned many of the constitutionally limited mechanisms that have helped secure these rights, resulting in a nation in peril.

“The people are [the Constitution’s] only keepers” – George Washington

Our Constitution will not be restored by politicians; they have little interest to do so. It will only be restored and protected by the people. Tea Party Patriots have a number of programs designed to educate the people about the Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers. Click here for more on the importance of Constitutional education.

Look for information on this upcoming education program. The Constitution can solve all of the problems plaguing our nation today. Contribute to the solution by offering this self-study Constitution Academy program in your community.

“The only true corrective of Constitutional abuses is education.” –Thomas Jefferson

The Adopt a School program is specifically designed to be a Constitution Week program (September 17-23), however, it can be implemented at any time and or as preparation for next year.

The Adopt a School is as easy as 1-2-3. It is designed to help you bring our Constitutional heritage back into our public schools. The program consists of three easy steps, 1. Adopt a School, 2. Send a Series of Letters, 3. Help Your School Implement a Constitution Educational Program. Click here to get started today.

“Children should be educated and instructed in the principles if freedom” –John Adams.

The Making of America will take you down the freedom trail of human history to discover the Founders freedom formula that formed a nation of peace, prosperity, and freedom like no nation before it. This affordable and easy to organize presentation by the National Center for Constitutional Studies, will bring to life our Founding Fathers and the Constitution. Contact NCCS or call 800-388-4512 to bring this inspiring seminar to your area.

Your community will be inspired by your group’s commitment to the Constitution as you host a screening of the acclaimed movie A More Perfect Union, a feature length film that depicts the dramatic events of the Constitutional Convention of 1787. A Patriots Movie Night can be a great recruitment and fund raising tool as well. Click here to get started today.