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On April 15, 2009 patriots from southern Rhode Island and southeastern Connecticut gathered for a Tax Day Tea Party in Westerly, Rhode Island. Americans across the Country gathered in their towns and cities on that day for Tax Day Tea Parties as part of a grassroots movement to take back our govenrment. On that day 134 people signed the following pledge at the Westerly - Pawcatuck Tax Day Tea Party. We, the People have gathered today to pledge to our Flag, our neighbors, our children, and ourselves that from this day forward we will no longer be the silent majority. From this day forward we pledge to restore our Constitution and to become informed and active citizens with a mission to educate our friends and family about the founding principles of this great Country and the limitations of government as outlined by our Constitution. The United States of America is a Representative Republic, not a democracy. This type of system requires that both the People and their Representatives fulfill their responsibilities. We, the People pledge to fulfill our responsibilities from this day forward, we will educate our fellow citizens, we will contact our elected officials on a regular basis, and we will hold elected officials, regardless of Party, accountable for their votes by exercising our right to vote. MISSION Our mission is to inform and engage our fellow citizens about the founding prinicples of this Country as well as provide fact based information regarding current events.

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