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Our group organized in April, 2010 and we had over 225 at our first meeting. We meet at the Best Western, Roan Steet, Johnson City, TN. 37660.We formed seven committees and we are trying to win some "wars" in our local area as well as State and Federal. The organizers are Doug and Kay White and they attend the County Commission meeting, city and all other Tea Party Meetings that are in the area when schedules permit. We are working to educate and elevate the truth of our Constitution. Brenda Osborne, a loyal member set up our web site and we have a very functional Educational committee which meets every Sat. morning for a round table dicussion at the Best Western at nine. We have been on television, radio and in the newspapers. We were able with the Greene County Tea Party to take 3 buses full to the Glenn Beck Rally. One of our organizers, Kay was interviewed at the Glenn Beck Rally by Alzazeera International Television where she spoke out against Sheriah law and told on television why - the next week she was received a letter from a Muslim in Africa! She immediately wrote back and told them we only needed to follow the law which we have, our Constitution and we did not NEED any other laws - just for our elected officials to follow the Constitution!

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