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Events like the Freedomfest 4th of July Parade are not the primary purpose of the Tea Party PATRIOTS of PSL, our primary reason for being is to TAKE BACK AMERICA. To that end, our primary goal is to regain control of our government, and our primary weapon is the ballot box. To that end our activities and sharing of information is going to be focused on identifying, educating, motivating and mobilizing voters who will help us defeat liberal office holders from school board seats and county commissions all the way to the White House. We must replace liberals with Constitutional Conservatives, first locally, then in the Congress, then in the Senate and ultimately the White House. The 2010 Election is going to be critical, we must take a minimum of 47 Congressional seats, 4 or 5 in Florida. WE need to mobilize support for candidates all across America, not just in our own backyard! The most important election is always the next one! The next one for us is the September 2010 elections. JOE NEGRON, the right candidate for State Senate was elected August 4th by an overwhelmng landslide. Congratulations Senator Negron! Clearly our efforts for him were rewarded. Getting conservatives elected - that's the real job of the Tea Party Patriots of the Treasure Coast!! We now need to assist in District 19 to make sure that Wexler is replaced with a conservative. We need to help in the primary and the special election itself.

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