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The People Speak Now is a diverse group consisting of Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and Libertarians that have come together in a common cause to SPEAK OUT against the blatant disregard of our Constitution, the loss of our liberties and the manipulation of our laws for political gains. We are disgusted at the massive spending and debt incurred by our government today leaving our children and grandchildren to pay for it. We could no longer sit idly by without standing up and letting our voices be heard. We decided to go further and establish a way for your voice to be heard along with ours. Our goal is to get the attention of the state and federal representatives. Our experience has proven that emails are ineffective. Emails are blatantly ignored or generate a "courtesy response" that does not pertain to the concerns addressed. They may be able to ignore emails but they will not be able to ignore a bombardment of postcards being poured into their offices. With this "in your face" tactic we hope to achieve a voice in our government.

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