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The Pampa Patriots are a group of grassroots activists with a strong conviction to the Constitution and the rights that it has guaranteed to the people of these United States. We know that the best path to maintaining those rights and freedoms is taken through involvement in our political system, from the local level on up to the very top. We are the "average Joe" citizens. We toil in the gas and oil fields, we irk out a living and strive to make our families and Almighty God proud, and we look to make our Nation one to be proud of. We have seen all too well what happens when the Federal government is allowed to meddle in the affairs of her private citizens; it ends in disaster. With this knowledge, we will stand and educate our fellow Texans and fellow Americans on the swindling that is being perpetrated right under their noses. Our goal is to provide a mouthpiece for all the fed-up citizens of our area, and to let the big wigs know that we will not kow-tow to their whims, and that We, the People, have taken notice of their gross overspending, overtaxing, and Freedom busting ways. We will accomplish this goal with determination and the Grace of God. The fight has been brought to our doorsteps, and so we will answer, and we will defend our rights and our way of life from those who would see it dismantled. "God grants Liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it." -Daniel Webster

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