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In this era of desperation, we seek to restore the lost principles that this country was founded upon. Among these principles, are that we have not only rights in our property, but also property in our rights and that this property is unalienable and can neither be legislated nor voted away. That no man or woman has authority over us but what we grant them. That freedom is the freedom from others, whether they be governments, religions, or monied classes that would arbitrarily dictate to us how we should live our lives. That no matter how much we may dislike the values that others hold dear, we have not the right to violate them except in extreme cases. That no individual or group, no matter how righteous their declarations or how noble their cause can attain power without becoming corrupt. That liberty can only be maintained when the power of these corrupt forces are bound by law, and only when they exist in balance one against the other. That to protect these rights, and provide protections from these abuses, governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers from the governed. That no institution is sacred, and that whenever any institution becomes destructive of its ends, it is the right of the people, it is their duty, to throw of such institutions and create new guards for their liberty.

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