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CORE VALUES * Fiscal Responsibility * Limited Government * Free Markets MISSION STATEMENT The Texas Tea Party PATRIOTS are a diverse group of individuals united by shared core values. We believe in Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government, and Free Markets, and we recognize the strength of grassroots organizing powered by activism and civic responsibility at a local level. The Texas Tea Party Patriots' mission is to organize those who believe in our core values, to educate and inform others who presently do not understand or promote our core values, to advocate public policy consistent with those values, and to support the efforts of political candidates and officeholders who foster our values in government. We recognize that many in our society require assistance in these troubled economic times and are committed to helping our brothers and sisters through private charities and personal engagement rather than through wasteful governmental programs. TALKING POINTS The Texas Tea Party Patriots' core values are the values on which America was founded. Born from our shared experience and our belief in natural law, these values are centered on our reliance on free will and the primacy of an individual who is responsible for his/her own actions. * An individual who is personally responsible will be fiscally and socially responsible. * An individual who is personally responsible will make better decisions for his/her country and community than an overgrown federal government * An individual who is personally responsible will productively respond to and interact with the marketplace RATIONALE The impetus for the Texas Tea Party Patriots' movement has been our desire to roll back excessive government spending. The growing perception among the American people that the runaway federal budget will drastically affect generations to come binds us together as a group and gives us the ability to unite a super majority of American voters. While we recognize that the nation faces important social as well as economic issues, our focus remains on excessive governmental spending. With respect to social issues, we believe in limited government, and so we are confident that those issues are best decided at the state and local levels. Our stance on government is rooted in the principles of Federalism enshrined in our Constitution. Since our organization is grassroots and built in the homes of Americans across the country, we can unite on our shared core values and address other social and economic concerns at the local level if we choose to do so. If our events, correspondence, websites, and interviews consistently reflect our central message of "fiscal responsibility, limited government, free markets" then we will be united on the national and international front. Our united front is critical for enlightening and encouraging Americans to inform the federal government that the government that governs least often governs best.

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