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Non Partisan Core Values are Fiscal Responsibility - Constitutionally Limited Government - Free Market - Assuring We Support Social Security for Seniors and Future Children's Retirement since it takes most everything we make to survive in Ohio County. We believe our children will need to work and pay into social security for their future too! Group Organizer for the Five (5) Areas in Ohio County, Kentucky - We have 5 Districts and 5 Magistrates. We shall open all five areas up for welcoming members to our non-partisan Tea Party Patriots Ohio County Kentucky Group. We shall then also like to be recognized in the State Level and are Now listed on the Kentucky State page under the Louisville, KY Coordinator Frank Simon at the time we were organized. We have a website page on our Ohio County Kentucky Network at which is paid for and/sponsored by Theresa J. Morris - Group Organizer. Phone by Cell is 270-256-9659 - Call Day or Night - Best time to reach is 1 PM - 9 PM on cell. EMAIL: Various Websites including and TJMorris.ORG FACEBOOK: I am listed under and I am on Twitter as TJTM. I will be happy to assist any and all that desire to organize an event for speakers and rallys with other groups such as Owensboro or as far away as Louisville or Madisonville. We are located between Bowling Green and Owensboro on the Natcher and WK Parkway. We can also meet in Elizabethtown and with Morgantown groups. We are considered Western and Southern but are at the Bluegrass Crossings shared by 5 counties investing in the industrial park area here with a Beaver Dam Address. We include Beaver Dam, Hartford, Centertown, Dundee, Fordsville, Whitesville, McHenry, Cromwell, Rosine, Horse Branch, Pleasant Ridge, and other areas in the Ohio County of Kentucky. Others who desire to join our group are welcome to come to our meetings and events. We will have more meetings when we know those running for office would like to address our groups. In the meantime, I shall be glad to write articles on our Ohio County Kentucky Network Website and I also write for American News Magazine and occasionally for American in California and around the nation as a syndicated journalist. TJ Morris aka Theresa J. Thurmond Morris

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