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Tampa 9-12 Project

Our group is a safe haven for patriots to meet and discuss their views and take action. This group is organized by people who have core values, principles and a sincere belief in our country's greatness stemming from our Constitution. This is not a political group for a particular party... this is a group for people who care and want a voice. A 9-10 person lives in denial, oblivious to the danger around them. A 9-11 person lives in fear and shock at the danger around them. A 9-12 person immediately and unconsciously throws themselves into action and does whatever is closest at hand to help make a positive difference. This group is committed to inspiring that type of action. Without a moral foundation, change is not improvement. Without a moral foundation, change can be a detriment. We MUST have a foundation of common Values and Principles upon which to build enduring change that will fulfill the promise we all make to our children and to society to improve the world in which we live.

Meeting Location

American Legion Post No 5 3810 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL

Meeting Schedule

4th Tuesday of the Month @ 6:30pm


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