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1. Sons Of Liberty is a political movement of riders and supporters. RIDERS Organizing to Support and Defend This Country. We Believe: Freedom and Liberty from More Government Intrustion, Spending, and Taxes. ALL People are created Free and Equal. 2. We are LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS, WE SEEK A PEACEFUL SOLUTION In addition to welcoming members of any other organizations or affiliation, Sons of Liberty also welcomes non-riders and supporters. 3. We are NOT a club, we have NO Club Back Patch, are NON-Territorial, Not a M/C,ALL Patriots Welcome. 4. We do NOT allow posts calling for illegal or violent activities. You are free to vent your frustration and disapproval. You are free to disagree, debate and take issue with other members. However, you agree to do this in a manner that is NON threatening. You will NOT be allowed to place yourself above the intentions of why this group was formed; which is a movement of patriots organizing to make a REAL change (peacefully) for conservative values and a return to the principles outlined in THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES 5. We are NOT affiliated or partnered with ANY groups. We welcome all like minded patriots and groups who share our core values/intentions. 6. Specific Platform that we subscribe to: see all at our main website posted on the left side of this page.

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