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We are a small group of people in a large geographical area. Previously we were called the Priest River Tea Party, but we have since changed our name to reflect the larger area our members encompass. Some of our activities include: providing copies of the pocket constitutions and educational materials to the local schools, as well to other interested individuals. We have visited local schools and given talks in the classrooms about the constitution and its beginning, as well as the need for us to get back to those basic ideals. We hold monthly meetings, we have held different celebrations of freedom by hosting enjoyable and educational gatherings, the last being the Constitution Day Clebration in the local park. It was well attended: we had live music which included folk songs, hymns and patriotic songs (both popular and traditional) sprinkled throughout with quotes from our founding fathers and speeches from local well educated, highly respected conservative individuals. We also choose books to read, and hold weekly meetings to discuss the content of the chapters we have agreed to read in order to discover the original intent of our forefathers regarding the government of the United States and the need for the constitution and for government accountability. Currently we are reading and discussing "The 5000 Year Leap" by W. Cleon Skousen. We also are holding a Get Out the Vote drive by encouraging our local citizens to participate in the upcoming (as well as all future) elections. If needed, we will provide transportation to and from the polls. We will be attending a candidate's forum to be held at the high school and we are making a list of questions we feel need to be addressed in order for us to make an informed decision about who to vote for according to our own personal decisions (which we will do after digesting the candidate's answers and discussing their responses to issues any of us may not be clear on}. We also network with other local organizations to keep up with local activities, issues, and concerns regarding government and its role in our lives.

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