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Northwest Grassroots is a conservative connection for current political information affecting us in the Northwest - specifically Eastern Washington State. Our slogan: ?It?s time - America over party? Northwest Grassroots believes that we can restore our Constitutional Republican form of government through proper education and focused activism. In order to do that we provide a monthly educational program called ?Movie Night with the Grassroots?. To date we have not missed a month - 44 months in a row and 54 events. Our program is on the 2nd Tuesday of each month; starts at 5:30 PM with a social time, drink and small talk. At 6:PM we provide an ?open mic? period where elected officials can address the audience with legislative updates, current issues from city council members, or issues brought up from anyone in the audience. Our movie of the month starts at 7:PM and is usually over by 8:30 PM. Many of our events include presentations from speakers on the subject of that month?s movie. You may review a video that displays the movies we have already shown at our web site: Our attendance is generally between 75 and 300 - depending on the subject matter and urgency of the content. We also provide reporting on local political happenings - we call that ?GOP Wars?. The focus in on making transparent the machinations of establishment Republicans as they continue to thwart true constitutional values. Most of these posting are at the groups Facebook page: We encourage you to attend Movie Night and become aware of the political structure in Eastern Washington. Learn who the players are, what their views are, and who you feel aligned with. It?s time - America over party!

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