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Our Mission Statements Nor-Cal Freedom Fighters Mission Statement #1: Dedicated to defending the principles of our Nation, as established by our forefathers for the advancement of the people of these United States of America, under God. Nor-Cal Freedom Fighters Mission Statement #2: Ensure that the principles of the Constitution are preserved, communicated, understood and used as the basic premise for all Government in these United States of America (Local, State and Federal); creating an environment for fiduciary responsibility, the motivation of opportunities, individual choice, self-determination and generosity. Nor-Cal Freedom Fighters Mission Statement #3: Creation of and or support for a political party that supports conservative ideals. Stategies 1) Provide Constitutional education to empower and advance opportunities for all citizens. 2) Promote the greatness of this Country and not apologize for being the envy of the World. 3) Promote our principles and respecting others, not apologize or be subjugated to other doctrines of the world.

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